Pan Seared Duck Breast with Raspberry Vinegar Reduction

Lynn and I learned how to make this for Valentine’s Day 3 years ago at a cooking class.  We finally made it this year and it was delicious.  Unfortunately duck breast is really only available at Central Market as far as I’ve been able to find so it’s not an everyday kind of dish.  The crispiness of the duck though with the fatty duck meat is delicious.  We served it over chilled lentils and grilled Belgian endive brushed with duck fat.

pan seared duck

Serves 2
Pan Seared Duck Breast with Raspberry Vinegar Reduction
2 duck breasts, trimmed and scored
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup Raspberry Vinegar
1 cup chicken stock
3 Tbs butter
salt and pepper

1. Place a saute pan over low heat with a little olive oil.

2. Salt both sides of the duck and place in the pan skin side down.  Raise the heat to medium-high and give the pan a few shakes.

3. Once the duck is loudly sizzling cooking for 3 minutes longer, flip and cook an additional 3 minutes.

4. Set the duck aside and let rest, and drain the fat (there should be a lot).

5. Add the sugar and let it caramelize, stirring it around.

6. Add the raspberry vinegar (watch the steam) and stir until it becomes a syrup.

7. Add the stock and reduce by half.

8. Reduce the heat to low and add the butter.  Season with salt and pepper as necessary.