And So It Begins

I’ve had a completely novel idea that no one has ever thought of before…write a blog about my wacky cooking misadventures.

Really, I’ve been trying to cook new things lately and this should be a good spot to make notes if nothing else about my successes and more often my spectacular failures.  I have a penchant for bold flavours (and British spelling) and tend to improvise real recipes with my own clumsily thrown together ingredients that certainly do make things bold.  Despite this I really do love good food (as does my girlfriend who I subject to my experiments when shes in town – and when shes not around my friends play the role of lab rat) and so hope to use this to significantly improve my cooking skills by at least keeping track of what goes well and what doesn’t.

About the name, I live in Austin, Texas, and believe it or not we do eat more than just barbecue and Shiner here (though both are quite delicious).


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